Today is January 22, 2018
The ARTNET Model MV-2Nu

Ultra Fine Resolution Verification System

  • Superior Imaging Capability - Enables Fast and Easy Defect Comprehension
  • Clear and Crisp Distinction Between Copper and Laminate with No Glare
  • Increased Productivity Through Significantly Reduced Cycle-Times
  • High Image Quality Reduces Need for Zooming -System Provides Very Low Escape Rate
  • Inherently Faster Setup Times
  • Dual Side Verification Further Reduces Handling & Handling Damage
  • Largest Stage Size - the Only System That Handles up to 24" X 36" Panels
  • Connects to Existing AOI Equipment Including: Orbotech, Camtek, Barco, etc.
  • Cost Effective - Lowest Cost, Highest Performance and Highest Throughput


Artnet's MV-2Nu Ultra-Resolution AOI Verification System provides a new level of expect­ation for performance, capability and support. Designed around Artnet's exclusive Illumination-Video (IV) and Digital Motion Control Modules, these technologically advanced sub­systems are combined within the MV-2Nu to deliver unprecedented performance while sa­ving you time and cost. Able to work with your existing AOI equipment, the MV-2Nu sys­tem gives you superior performance where it counts: faster throughput and definitive defect comprehension. What's more, the MV-2Nu gives you universal connectivity to most AOI systems on the market. No other AOI Verification System delivers this combination of per­formance, technical capability and support.

'IV' Module

Artnet's Advanced Illumination-Video System is comprised of Ultra-fine Resolution CCD Video Camera and exclusive high-output homogeneous illumination unit that combine to provide unprecedented image clarity -eliminating glare while giving you a comfortable working distance for rework activity.

Control Module

The Control Module consists of a newly designed digitally controlled X-Y Motion Control Unit, Pentium-based PC Controller, and easy-to-use MV Software package More-over, exceptional ergonomics and operator comfort are provided by the sys­tem's easy-to-use MV Software and LCD Flatpanel Touch screen unit.

The MV-2Nu Control Module provides the following advantages:

  • Reduced Setup Time
  • Network Connections to Your AOI Systems
  • Instant Switching between Defect File Sources/AOI Systems
  • 'FLIP' Dual-side Verification Feature - Eliminates Panel Flip-over Handling


  • 25x to 250x


  • 400 Mil @ 25x
  • 40 Mil @ 250x


  • 4 to 5"


  • Unique for High Depth of Field Verification
  • Magnification-Independent Light Level
  • No Readjustment of Illumination Required
  • S-Video Output


  • New All Digital Stage Design
  • Exceptional Control Reliability and Precision


  • Top & Bottom Illuminator Modules Suitable for Standard and Via & Art Work
  • High Output Quartz-Halogen Light Sources
  • Unique Homogeneous Diffusing Unit
  • Unmatched Enhancement of Trace-Laminate Clarity
  • User-serviceable Dual 150 W EKE Type Lamps


  • Sony 14" Ultra-fine Resolution Monitor


  • Integrated Pentium based PC Controller
  • MV Control Software
  • 15" LCD Flat panel Touch screen Display


  • On-Line Real time Data Acquisition System
  • Vacuum Table

ARTNET Pro Model MU-2Nu  Ultra Fine Resolution Verification System