Today is January 22, 2018
The ARTNET Model MV2-G

Ultra Fine Resolution Verification System
For Standard Holes, VIA Holes & Artwork Verification

  • High Aspect Ratio Via Verification Capability
  • Superior Imaging Capability - Enables Fast and Easy Defect Comprehension
  • Clear and Crisp Distinction Between Copper and Laminate with No Glare
  • Increased Productivity Through Significantly Reduced Cycle-Times
  • High Image Quality Reduces Need for Zooming -System Provides Very Low Escape Rate
  • Inherently Faster Setup Times
  • Dual Side Verification Further Reduces Handling & Handling Damage
  • Largest Stage Size - the Only System That Handles up to 24" X 36" Panels
  • Connects to Existing AOI Equipment Including: Orbotech, Camtek, Barco, etc.
  • Cost Effective - Lowest Cost, Highest Performance and Highest Throughput


Artnet's MV2-G Ultra-Resolution AOI Verification System provides a new level of expectation for performĀ­ance, capability and support. Designed around Artnet's exclusive Glass Illumination-Video (IV) and Digital Motion Control Modules, these technologically advanced subsystems are combined within the MV2-G to deliver unprecedented performance while saving you time and cost. Able to work with your existing AOI equipment, the MV2-G system gives you superior performance where it counts: faster throughput and definitive defect comprehension. What's more, the MV2-G gives you universal connectivity to most AOI systems on the market. No other AOI Verification System delivers this combination of performance,technical capability and support.

Glass 'IV' Module

Artnet's Advanced Glass Illumination-Video System is comprised of special optics, Ultra-fine Resolution CCD Video Camera and exclusive high-output homogeneous illumination unit that combine to provide unprecedented highest depth of field and image clarity - eliminating glare while giving you a comfortable working distance for rework activity.

Control Module

The Control Module consists of a newly designed digitally controlled X-Y Motion Control Unit, Pentium-based PC Controller, and easy-to-use MV Software package More-over, exceptional ergonomics and operator comfort are provided by the system's easy-to-use MV Software and LCD Flatpanel Touchscreen unit.

The MV2-G Control Module provides the following advantages:

  • Reduced Setup Time
  • Network Connections to Your AOI Systems
  • Instant Switching between Defect File Sources/AOI Systems -'FLIP' Dual-side Verification Feature
  • Eliminates Panel Flip-over Handling


  • 25x to 250x


  • 400 Mil @ 25x
  • 40 Mil @ 250x


  • 4 to 5"


  • Unique Optics Module Suitable for High Depth of Field Verification
  • Magnification-Independent Light Level
  • No Re-adjustment of Illumination Required
  • S-Video Output


  • New All Digital Stage Design
  • Exceptional Control Reliability and Precision


  • Top & Bottom Illuminator Modules Suitable for Standard and Via & Art Work
  • High Output Quartz-Halogen Light Sources
  • Unique Homogeneous Diffusing Unit
  • Unmatched Enhancement of Trace-Laminate Clarity
  • User-serviceable Dual 150 W EKE Type Lamps


  • Sony 14" Ultra-fine Resolution Monitor


  • Integrated Pentium based PC Controller
  • MV Control Software
  • 15" LCD Flat panel Touch screen Display


  • On-Line Real time Data Acquisition System

Ultra Fine Resolution Verification System For Standard Holes, VIA Holes & Artwork Verification