Today is January 22, 2018

Have Double Side Layer Board Or Artwork, But No Electronic Data

We have the capability and technology to convert any artwork to provide electronic data for manufacturing or archiving purposes

  • Convert hand-taped artwork, film, paper, or the actual PCB into CAD data
  • We guarantee the highest quality, 100% match of Gerber to artwork
  • High resolution Q-scan by Orbotech
  • Complete regeneration "Clean Up" of data through CAM workstations, fixing distortion and flashing pads
  • Registration of data to drill information, specified grid or blueprint dimensions
  • "Scan & Align Only" option at a lower expense (Stage I)
  • Incorporate revised engineering changes
  • Output formats include: Gerber 274X DXF, HPGL, PDF, MDA-FIRE 9000, and Orbotech orCAD formats
  • Quick turn-around with competitive quotes (price quoted determined by the original artwork provided)

Stage I Scan And Align Only

  • Camera reduction (when required to bring artwork to scale)
  • Measurement of pad size, trace line width, and special aperture shapes
  • Scanning artwork, convert image to digital data
  • Alignment to blueprint (blueprint required)

Stage II Scan And Clean-Up

  • All the steps in Stage I
  • Registration; flash all pads/clean all traces
  • 100% layer-to-layer registration
  • Run Design Rule Check
  • Quality inspection to original artwork

Drill Layer Creation

  • Using scanned data, we capture all pads from artwork, matching them to the blueprint
  • Qualify all pads, match hole count/sizes and dimensions
  • Output excellon drill data